Kiyosaki warns of an impending dollar collapse

The pound fell to an all-time low against the dollar last week in response to tax cuts announced as part of the Liz Truss government’s new economic policy. Find out about our latest news, articles and more! Follow Us What Happened Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki took to Twitter on Saturday to strongly warn against the US dollar. Asked if the US dollar tracks the British pound, he said it does. „I believe the US dollar will collapse in January 2023 after the Fed reverses,” he added. Do you like crypto and want to start trading? You can trade over 60 different cryptocurrencies on the eToro platform! In another tweet, Kiyosaki suggested that Bitcoin weakness BTC , gold and silver could be a buying opportunity. Blaming the weakness on the strength of the dollar fueled by the Fed’s aggressive rates, he said that when the Fed cuts rates like in England, „you smile when others cry.” Miscellaneous with silver, Kiyosaki recommends As medicine, Kiyosaki recommends buying silver. „To take advantage of the collapse of the US dollar, I bought a lot more US silver bullion. Silver is a real thing,” he said. „I’m not a victim of the Fed,” he added. A best-selling author recommended silver as the best investment option. He predicted that silver would move sideways around $20 for three to five years and then reach $100 to $500. „Everyone can afford silver, even the poor. Collect silver now,” he said.

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