The Ministry of Agriculture reported an increase in wheat yield by almost 24%

The wheat yield in Russia this year is almost 24% higher than last year.

According to the materials of the Ministry of Agriculture, which Interfax got acquainted with, as of July 14, the yield was 42.2 centners per hectare against 34.1 centners per hectare on July 14 last year. Barley harvest increased to 45.7 c/ha from 39.3 c/ha last year (up 16.3%). In general, the grain yield is almost 19% higher than last year – 40.9 centners per hectare against 34.4 centners per hectare a year earlier.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, grain and leguminous crops have been threshed from 4.9 million hectares (from 4.3 million hectares last year), 19.9 million tons (14.9 million tons) have been threshed. Including wheat threshed from 3.7 million hectares (3.1 million hectares), threshed 15.5 million tons (10.6 million tons), barley harvested from 757.2 thousand hectares (686.4 thousand hectares) , collected 3.5 million tons (2.7 million tons).

Rapeseed yields are lower than last year – 24.7 centners per hectare against 25.3 centners per hectare a year earlier – but harvesting is more active. Crops have been threshed from 195.3 thousand hectares (36.2 thousand hectares), 482.4 thousand tons (91.5 thousand tons) have been threshed.

The yield of vegetables is also lower than last year – 76.5 centners per hectare against 83.6 centners per hectare. In agricultural organizations and farms, they were harvested from 22.2 thousand hectares (22.4 thousand hectares), 170 thousand tons (187.6 thousand tons) were collected.

The yield of potatoes in agricultural organizations and farmers is almost at the level of last year – 289.2 centners per hectare against 288.8 centners per hectare. It was harvested from 6 thousand hectares (4.7 thousand hectares), 174.6 thousand tons (134.4 thousand tons) were dug up.

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