Ringmetall: Favorable valuation of the stock

Ringmetall increased sales by 38 percent to EUR 58.2 million in the second quarter. EBITDA is up 47.3 percent to EUR 9.9 million. After the strong numbers, Ringmetall is increasing its forecast for the current year. The company expects sales of between EUR 205 million and EUR 225 million. The previous forecast was 180 million euros to 200 million euros. Ringmetall sees EBITDA in 2022 at 26 million euros to 32 million euros (old: 22 million euros to 27 million euros).

The analysts at SMC consider these expectations to be very achievable. In their model, for 2022 there is a turnover of 226.0 million euros 27.6 million euros. Earnings per share should be EUR 0.41. In the coming year, the analysts are assuming sales of EUR 230.5 million, and their model puts earnings per share at EUR 0.37.

In the medium term, the experts consider sales of EUR 350 million and EBITDA of EUR 45 million to be feasible by 2027. They are therefore in line with the company’s estimate.

The experts confirm the buy recommendation for Ringmetall shares. The price target is raised from EUR 7.30 to EUR 7.60.

Ringmetall shares (WKN: A3E5E5, ISIN: DE000A3E5E55, Chart) is favorably valued from the point of view of the experts. The PER 2022e stands at 10.8.

The Ringmetall papers gained 0.6 percent at noon to 4.98 euros.

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