Rally is underway – 28 percent up in 5 days for AKTIONÄR readers

The cops are back! The S&P 500 had its best week since June and the Nasdaq even since March, thanks mainly to better-than-expected inflation data. The Dow Jones rose to its highest level since August and the DAX even since June. AKTIONÄR readers can expect this quick win. „Americans have a choice: it’s for medium-term investors,” DER AKTIONÄR headlined a paywall article earlier this week, recommending a turbo long for Morgan Stanley Dow Jones (WKN: MD9Z1R, Leverage: 9, Purchase Price: EUR 36.22). ). Since then, the note has gained 28 percent. Stops should now be tracked with an entry fee. Recommendation Background: The mid-term elections have consistently been an exceptionally positive factor for the US stock market. Since 1950, the SandP 500 has risen six and 12 months after a midterm election. On average it grew by 1 percent (after six months) and 15 percent (after 12 months). Also, the midterms look like a constellation the stock market really likes: a Democratic president/congressional gridiron. The index has risen 13.6 percent annually since 19 5, according to CFRA Research. No constellation achieved higher yields. In the US congressional elections, the Democrats of President Joe Biden defended their majority in the Senate. It is not yet clear who will speak in the House of Representatives in the future. For now, though, it looks a lot like a Republican victory: they have 211 seats (up six) and the Democrats have 203 seats (-7 seats). 218 seats are required for the majority.

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