Nord Stream returned to the pre-repair level in the first two hours of operation

The Nord Stream gas pipeline from 7 am Moscow time, as planned, resumed the transportation of gas from Russia to Germany after maintenance work. For two hours of work, he returned to the pre-repair level of pumping.

During the first hour of operation, 2 million cubic meters were pumped through the gas pipeline, during the second – 2.8 million cubic meters, which, in terms of a day, corresponds to the productivity before repair (67 million cubic meters or 40% of capacity).

The operators OPAL Gastransport and NEL Gastransport have previously announced the resumption of gas transportation .

Now Nord Stream is able to operate at only 40% of its capacity (about 67 million cubic meters per day), since one of the pipeline’s turbines did not return from a major overhaul at a plant in Montreal due to Canadian sanctions. In addition, at the Portovaya compressor station, the time between overhauls before overhaul and other engines has ended. Only two engines are currently operating at the facility. Soon, one more gas-pumping unit should be stopped due to the running time between overhauls.

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