Mutual in the hotel and catering industry: an agreement, unanimously accepted by the unions, rejected by Umih and the GNC

The Umih and the GNC rejected the agreement concerning a new mutual insurance company in the hotel and catering industry, which had nevertheless been accepted unanimously by the unions. This is „an irresponsible questioning” with „severe consequences”, according to the two signatory employers’ organizations.

„The GNI and the SNRTC express their total incomprehension of this decision”, they protest in a joint press release, while the Umih and the GNC officially opposed this June 28 agreement which provides for an increase significant on the part of the employer.

These two federations, influential among independent hotel-restaurants and restaurant chains, accuse Umih, the majority in the branch, of having changed its mind and accuse the GNC, the structure of hotel chains, of having ” conspicuous by her absence” during the negotiations after having „fully benefited from the solidarity of the branch” when she joined him, while being responsible for a higher loss ratio than the others.

Before the proposal, the mutual insurance scheme, which has become very deficit, amounted to 28 euros per month, equitably distributed between employers and employees. The amount of the new formula proposed by the insurers Malakoff and Klésia was to reach 47 euros, including 16 euros for the employee and 31 euros for the employer.

The increase in contributions „is the result of taking into account the real technical cost of conventional guarantees of health costs, (…) which are binding on any insurer”, specify the GNI and the SNRTC which, faced with the blockage, have chosen to denounce the agreement.

Karen Wood

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