From financial illiterate to investment professional: You, too, will soon be really well invested!

Danielle Town actually had the best qualifications as an investor: Papa Phil was not only a former elite soldier, river guide and best-selling author, but also an extremely successful value investor and money coach. So what does a daughter do when she doesn’t know what to do with finances? Right – she asks her father for advice. With his tips, the path as a female Warren Buffett actually seemed paved.

Almost. Because money and numbers, analyzes and courses – all of this was not just a closed book for Danielle for years, but also a completely boring topic. Build a portfolio? How exhausting! interpret balance sheets? No thank you! Make your own investments? God forbid! If there was a way around all this, Danielle would have done it. That all changed, however, when her father gave her his books to read.

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