Dow Jones Technical Analysis: The Index is Settling Lower, Almost Unchanged

The central bank will raise the key rate by half a percentage point at its meeting next week, and has raised the key rate six times since March. The , Dow Jones Industrial Average was flat in recent trading, making an almost imperceptible move up only about 1.58 points. It settled at 33,597.93 by the end of trade, after falling heavily -1.03% in Tuesday’s trade. The index fell in the current week because it was down -2. 2% at the time of writing this report. Advertisement Test your technical skills now! OPEN FREE DEMO ACCOUNT There wasn’t much economic data on Wednesday, but markets are expecting weekly jobless claims data later in the day as the labor market has been a strong sector of the slowing economy. This has made it difficult to control inflation, and the government will also release a report on Friday detailing how inflation affects business. The University of Michigan will release its December consumer opinion survey on Friday. The reports don’t usually move markets, but they get a lot of attention because they provide more clues about how the Federal Reserve will handle the pace of rates going forward, especially ahead of its meeting next week. The Central Bank will raise the key interest rate by half a percentage point at its meeting next week, and has raised the key interest rate six times since March. That put it in the range of 3.75 percent to percent, the highest in 15 years, Wall Street expects. That the reference rate will reach a maximum range of 5 percent and 5.25 percent in the middle of 2023. Meanwhile, the Labor Department said Wednesday that non-agricultural productivity measures the change in production per worker. In the last quarter, it grew by 0.8 percent annually. Dow Jones Technical Analysis Technically, the index is trying to find an upward trend in its recent trade, from which it can be determined to gain the necessary positive momentum to recover and move higher again. The index is affected by the previous break of the lower corrective trend line in the short term as shown in the attached periodic chart (daily). Positive pressure continued above the simple moving average of the previous 50-day period, during which we see relative strength indicators entering heavily oversold territory. It was exaggerated compared to the movement of the index, indicating the beginning of a positive divergence in it.

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